A success story

SAGER is the Swiss premium brand for innovative thermal and sound insulation. We offer custom-tailored solutions as well as a fast and reliable service. SAGER represents more living comfort and high energy efficiency, protects the environment and helps to save costs.


The histories of the successful Swiss premium brand and that of the Sager family are closely connected up to the present. It all started in 1949 in Switzerland, in the Aargau community of Dürrenäsch, where the innovative brothers Herbert and Kurt Sager shaped the Swiss insulation materials market. The family-run company is still an independent and important employer in the region today and a decisive driving force in the field of insulation.

A success story
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Sager AG | Insulation materials | Dornhügelstrasse 10 | CH-5724 Dürrenäsch | Location
Phone +41 62 767 87 87 | Fax +41 62 767 87 80 | www.sager.ch | verkauf@sager.ch


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